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The 6 Types of Business Videos and Why There Are Important

As an organization, what strategies are in place to harness the power of business videos to grow your brand? In this modern era, brands are becoming aware of their consumer’s needs and want. To meet the consumer’s needs, organizations must develop shareable business videos that are appealing, efficient, and convenient for their target audience.

This article looks at different types of business videos and why they are essential to a brand;

The 6 Types of Business Videos

Here are different types of business videos that every brand should adopt;

1.    Demo Videos

Demos are simple, short, and educative videos integrated into the marketing campaign. They show how a service or product works and the benefits to a consumer.

2.    Sales Videos

Sales videos are sales presentations that target new customers and investors. They showcase the benefits of working with your brand and the nature of your organization, services, and products.

3.    Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are non-advertising videos that are structured to showcase your brand, business, values, and goals to attract new talent and potential customers.

4.    Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are similar to demo videos, focusing on how a service or product adds value to the customer. Explainer videos sell your brand’s unique value proposition effectively and conveniently.

5.    Testimonials Videos

Testimonial videos showcase a service’s or product’s benefits from a customer’s perspective. Testimonial videos from customers aim to achieve the following;

•    Creating an impression on other customers

•    Showcasing services and products

•    Increasing social proof

•    Influencing the target market

•    Building trust

6.    Behind-The-Scenes

The videos create engaging content that features the organization’s culture, day-to-day activities, processes, or team-building activities. Behind the scene, videos build an emotional connection with the audience to strengthen the brand’s image.

The 4 Reasons Why Business Videos are Important

Every brand has a story to tell the target audience to create an impression, build a lasting relationship, and remain relevant.

Here are the reasons why business videos are essential for a brand;

1.    Sharing Information

Explainer videos educate the masses about a product or service during different sales funnel stages, while how-to videos inform the target audience on various product or service uses.

According to a study, 68% of consumers prefer watching explainer videos over eBooks, infographics presentations, or reading articles for they are more engaging.

Brands use videos to share information on product launches, updates, and organizational changes.

2.    Engaging the Audience

Compelling videos increase user engagement on a brand’s website. More visitors spend time on your website if the content is engaging and appealing and will respond to your call to action.

According to Forbes, brands using videos on their websites perform 2.6 times better than those without videos. Business videos enable brands to beat their competitors who are not using video as a marketing tool.

3.    Improving Social Media Engagement

Business videos boost users’ engagement on mobile devices to improve social media engagement. As more viewers engage with your brand, they share your business videos with their friends, followers, and family, increasing your brand’s social shares.

4.    Boost Conversion and Sale

The financial bottom line of business videos is to increase conversion and sales. Consumers need to see how a product or service looks and how it works before they make a purchase. Business videos offer a practical and convenient presentation to the target audience. Adoption of videos increases the odds of conversion to boost your sales.

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