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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does an initial consultation cost?

A. There is no charge for the initial consultation about your video project.

Q. How long does it take to produce a video?

A. In depends on the complexity, but generally about thirty days. Video production companies are used to working with deadlines. We’ve done many quick turn-around productions. We will burn the midnight oil for our clients when required.

Q. We would like to use actors in our video. Can you arrange this?

A. We can recommend actors, and work with casting agencies to find suitable professional actors. We can also help you script your idea, arrange locations or studio, and supply all crew and equipment needed for your video shoot.

Q. How much does a video cost?

A. This is a very common questions we get asked. Every project is unique. We need to consider who your audience is, what level of production value they are expecting to see, the value of a well produced video for you and your company, and what we can produce within your budget. When you talk with us, we will put our 19 years in business to work for you. We can help you define your goals, advise how to achieve your vision within your budget, go over the production process and provide you with a creative production proposal outlining the video production together with costs and timelines for your approval.

Q. Can you edit with old video formats?

A. Yes, we can handle older video tape formats, from VHS, SHVS, Hi8, DVCPro, Betacam sp, Digital Betacam and Umatic. If you have a library of archive footage on old formats, we can work with them, and it’s worth considering getting them transferred to an updated digital format. Tape degenerates over time unless stored in climate controlled facilities. But a more immediate problem is the difficulty of finding facilities with video tape machines to play older video formats.

Q. We’d like a sales video, but don’t have a creative idea yet, can you help us with this?

A. Yes we can, one of creative team can contact you by telephone or visit in person to discuss your needs and requirements. After a short discussion, they will be able to make suggestions and give you an idea of what’s involved. We can pick up with your creative process at any point along the way to see it through to completion. If you like our suggestions, we will provide a creative proposal outlining the video production together with costs and timelines for your approval.

Frequently Asked Questions - Vistamax

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