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In capable hands, digital media can be astonishing. It has the power to transcend traditional ideas and showcase originality and imagination.

Vistamax Productions

Corporate Video Production

How can you best target your message to your client, investors or employees?

Let a corporate video production bring your company to life. A high-concept video production communicates in a powerful and remarkable way. We’re not talking about the same old tired video brochures you’ve seen a hundred times before. We produce videos that are creative, engaging, and memorable.

The right video can position your company light years ahead of the competition. Let us help you build a professional corporate presence that communicates your vision and makes a BIG impression.

TV Commercial Production

In order for a television commercial to work, it must grab the viewer’s attention within the first three to five seconds. It has to be visually stunning, and motivate viewers to take action through a single consistent message—a message that is remembered long after the commercial is over.

If your commercial is missing these essentials, you can’t compete. We understand the elements that go into making a great commercial. If you’re looking for originality, imagination, and creativity all packed into 30 or 60 memorable seconds, you’ll find it with us.

Infomercials (DRTV) Short Form/Long Form

Creating a successful infomercial (direct response TV) requires a lot more than showing people sitting around and talking about a product. At Vistamax, we understand the difference between just talking and telling a story.

We begin each infomercial production with precision planning. The process begins with a creative script, and strong call to action. The director then takes the script and interprets and shoots it in a way that compels the viewer to keep watching and take action. This includes using appropriate background props and lighting, and staging product demonstrations for their fullest effect.

We know an infomercial is an investment in your business. With the right one, you can be extremely successful in advertising your product or service. Let us tell your story. We’ll do a lot more than just talk.

Multi-Camera Live Entertainment

On the entertainment side, we’re accomplished in original television series concept and production, live-show video enhancement (design, production, implementation and programming), multi-camera live shoots, and entertainment-themed attractions.

We know that, with a live event, you only get one chance to capture it all. You can rely on us to make it happen. We look for the remarkable moments, and we won’t miss a thing.

Animation/Graphic Design

Our talented designers create animation and graphics that showcase and highlight your message. We’ll work with you to make sure your animation or graphic is exactly what you want to see and exceeds your creative expectations.


At Vistamax, if there’s a view finder, we want to look through it. Our talented photographers can create visually stunning images that imaginatively communicate your message and your vision.

We shoot our photos in ultra-high resolution to capture every detail. We can provide a variety of lighting packages for indoor shoots, or we can work with available light. In the right hands, photography is artistry. Let us create images that bring your message to life.

Documentary Production

It’s our responsibility to tell your story through unique and interesting images that keep the audience watching. Our directors have an eye for the emotional and dramatic moments that stimulate, encourage and inspire.

If you have a script, we’ll make your story jump off the page. If you need a “run and gun” style shooting, we’ve got your back. Whatever your needs, you can place your vision in our hands. We’ll make sure we get the shots that showcase the powerful message you want to send.

Reality TV

Turning ordinary reality into reality television is harder than you think.

We have the know-how to write, cast, produce, secure locations, light, shoot, edit, and all of the other details that go into producing a television series.

Give us a call to see how your concept, idea, or dream can become reality.

Florida Crewing | Video Crews Florida

Planning a shoot for central Florida? Looking for an experienced crew and the latest HD camera, lighting and audio equipment? Want a highly competitive price? You’ve found it. We work with a network of talented professionals who can fill out your crew, ready and able to work for you.