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woman standing on a stage set in front of cameras

3 Streamlined Steps to Produce Your Infomercial

woman standing on a stage set in front of camerasInfomercials (direct response TV) are a powerful tool for communicating the narrative of your brand. Vistamax knows that every product has a story, and we are dedicated to producing an infomercial that not only educates, but entertains your audience. Allow our expert production team at Vistamax to work closely with you, while making the process as simple as three streamlined steps.

Step 1: Contact Vistamax for Your Free Consultation

Vistamax is dedicated to understanding the needs of your company. In order to communicate the authenticity of your company, we want you to genuinely express your vision from the get-go. To make sure that there is absolutely no incentive to accept our services unless they entirely meet your standards, we do not charge for the initial consultation. Contact us today to get started.

Step 2: Cast Your Talent

Vistamax can develop the creative concept of your vision into a fully realized production plan. With a solid foundation set, we will write the script and scout potential locations that reinforce the character of your brand identity. When it comes time for casting talent, you can view the auditions and cast reels online. After surveying our curated selection, let us know which actors will best represent your image.

Step 3: Finalize Your Feature

Once production is complete, we welcome you to visit our Tampa Bay location. Here, you can watch the editing process and give us precise feedback in real time. We can also create specialized graphics and effects, provided by our experienced creative team and art department. If you are unable to arrive in person, we will securely upload a work-in-progress cut that you may view at any time.

Vistamax wants your ideas, your vision, and your products in the spotlight. Let us communicate your exceptional story to the world. At all times, we are armed to deliver a high caliber product. Schedule your free consultation today.