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The Importance of Videography for Business

The Importance of Videography for Business

The Importance of Videography for BusinessIt takes a lot to run a business. We know it. You know it. But how are you getting your work out there? Social media, Google Advertising, websites, they’re all visual. People are quick and impatient, so how can you visually entice them enough with merely the sight of your online presence? It’s an important question to ask yourself because people hunt with their eyes. That’s where a video comes in handy. And not just any video, but an artfully made cinematic masterpiece with motion graphics, colors that pop, highlights of your work, and a catchy music bed to tie it all together.

We live in an age where smartphones and the digital age have changed the game. Everyone’s a photographer and makes quirky short videos. It’s easy to see it all get lost. But the majority of those people haven’t been working in filmmaking since the late ’90s. They don’t have access to an entire team of people dedicated to showcasing what you do best.

With a video, you’re allowing potential and soon-to-be customers a quick and easy passage straight into an enterprise. Do you have a real estate company with houses in Florida, which you’re trying to show to winter visitors up North? Wouldn’t it be easier to give them a virtual tour in the comfort of their own home? Of course, it would. Do you have an apparel brand that uses a unique construction process that you’d like to showcase? Make a cinematic 60-second Instagram ad. Are you a public speaker that can speak at public events and bring scores of people with your charisma? Showcase your talent with a reel.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are more reliant than ever on a digital presence. Without videos, that presence would be nothing more than lackluster. Videos bridge the gap between people. They bridge the gap between space and time. They bridge the gap between businesses and customers.

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