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Will You Be Ramping Up Television Advertising in Time for Dad’s Day?

Will You Be Ramping Up Television Advertising in Time for Dad’s Day?

Will You Be Ramping Up Television Advertising in Time for Dad’s Day?Will television advertising expenditures go up for Father’s Day 2015 or down? Maybe they will just stay the same. We took at look at theNational Retail Federation and Brand Keys’ predictions from last year to get a feel for how much money people are likely to spend on their dads. With a few exceptions, it appears that average American will drop at least a hundred bucks per person on their dear old dads.

So that brings us to a new question, “How many dads are living in the U.S. right now?” The last U.S. Census figures seem to indicate that we have roughly 70 million men who proudly wear the title of “dad.” As such, that means retailers could quite possibly benefit from launching a serious television advertising campaign that includes Father’s Day. But which retailers stand to gain the most?

By all accounts, dads are a pretty eclectic and easy to please lot. Consequently, many seem to be happy with receiving one or all of the following items on their special day:

  • Live or Static Entertainment (e.g. DVD and concert tickets)
  • Greeting Cards and Gift Cards
  • Outdoor Apparel and Sporting Goods
  • Gourmet Foods and Beverages
  • Electronics and Appliances
  • Home Improvement and Tools

And that’s not all. There are plenty of American dads that would love everything from trips abroad to homemade macaroni ties made by their children. That said, virtually any goods or services provider with offerings that appeal to men stand to win big this Father’s Day. At Vistamax® Productions, we can help media buyers and their clients use television advertising to reach out to prospective buyers. We can also assist with print and online Father’s Day advertising efforts too. To learn more about obtaining high quality, sales and marketing materials in time to celebrate dads, please contact us 813-907-1010.