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Why You Need a 60-Second Video Commercial

Commercial Producers Have the Ability to Make Changes Work for AdvertisersVideo production is quickly becoming the most effective way to reach current and potential clients. Its potential surpasses that of other methods, and it’s now the secret weapon in many business marketing strategies. Our Florida video production crew can design a fantastic 60-second video for you that can sweep its viewers off their feet. Here’s why you need it:

Videos Tell People Who You Are

Businesses that don’t have a persona don’t sell products or services. Prospective customers want to know who they’re spending their money on, and they want to see a pseudo-likeness of that person. Humans are also visual creatures, so videos are naturally compelling tools. Creating a video gives you the opportunity to brand your business however you like.

Video Is Attention Span Sensitive

The attention span of the overall population has declined over the years, but it’s mainly prevalent in the millennials. Their attention span for ads and other promotional materials is only six seconds, according to a study that CNBC reported. That means that you have to make your point quickly. A video is the best way to do that, and the shorter the video, the better chances you have of making a huge impact.

The Subliminal Potential Is Endless

Videos are packed with opportunities for you to insert messages and promote your goods. There is no limit to the styles and props that you can use for your production. You can ultimately say everything that you need to say in a fun and entertaining skit or a professional educational presentation.

It Could Go Viral

Your video could potentially go viral if you hire a supreme team of creation specialists to make it. That’s what the team at Vistamax can do for you. We can aim for viral status. We can listen to your vision and then condense it into a potentially productive blockbuster video.

Let the world know that you’re ready to serve them. Let our Florida production team help you create a hard-hitting, compelling video that convinces people to take action. Call us today and let us know that you need assistance. We’ll get started on it right away.