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Why Go Through Post Production in Tampa on Your Own?

Why Go Through Post Production in Tampa on Your Own?

Why Go Through Post Production in Tampa on Your Own?The last time that your firm created an hour-long program for promotional, educational or purely entertainment value was the Tampa production company hired to do the job with you every step of the way? Did they help you write a script, come up a creative concept, scout locations and cast talent? What about all of the editing and animating that went into post production? Did they handle that too and allow you to offer feedback before putting the final cut into the can? If not, you should strongly consider selecting another commercial production crew to take care of your Tampa filming needs.

At Vistamax® Productions, we believe that it’s important to provide full service to our valued clients. Consequently, they are never shut out of the process or left to face the often complicated world of commercial production alone. We’re with them from the moment the creative light bulb goes off above their heads to the minute they’re handed the final product. Perhaps nowhere is this spirit of collaboration the clearest than during post production in Tampa.

At our Tampa studio, our team of experts toils day and night to make sure that every second of video is just right. We use all of the hottest software, equipment and stock media libraries too. As our team works on the project, we periodically upload it to a private, secure internet site. After it’s on the site, our clients may review it remotely and share their initial impressions with us. Anything that they’re not completely satisfied with, we’ll change accordingly. Then when everyone is in agreement, we’ll transfer the approved copy to whichever formats are needed to fit into our clients’ agendas.

To experience firsthand what it’s like to work with a company that will be there with you from concept through post production, please contact us today and request a meeting 813-907-1010.