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What Goes on in the Post production Phase in Tampa

What Goes on in the Post production Phase in TampaHave you ever wondered what all goes into the making of a business video? Maybe you’ve thought of creating one for your business since, according to the statistics, “53% of people say they want to see more video content” from businesses. Shooting a video for your Tampa business is the first step in driving interest to your company – then comes the post-production part of your video. Just what is involved in video post-production in Tampa? Here is some of what you may expect during this process.

Video Editing

During the video editing phase, qualified professionals review the main video clips and cut some parts out, manipulate other parts to flow more smoothly, and ensure the main message of the video remains intact. You may wonder why something would be cut out, but often times the extra material videotaped isn’t necessary or actually takes away from the effectiveness of the video. Other parts just need to be moved around to make them more effective.

Adding Music and/or Sound Effects

This part of the postproduction phase is a lot of fun because music really adds personality to a video. It can set the entire tone of a piece. It also has the potential to add drama, intrigue, comedy, and more. Music says a lot about the business’s brand so it’s important to have an editor who is in tune with the role music plays. Sound effects add a lot of flavor and interest to videos as well.

Creating and Adding Special Effects, Text, or Graphics

Finally, video editors may overlay text unto the video to help explain information or provide important data. Infographics can be embedded in the video to further strengthen the business’s position, while special effects draw the attention and lead the eye to certain information.

When the post-production phase is completed, the video you started with may look very different. All the added elements combine to make it look polished and professional. At Vistamax, we have just the professional staff that can create a business video from start to finish. Our video editors are experienced in the post-production phase. Connect with us today for more information.