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What Goes Into the Post-Production Phase?

What Goes Into the Post-Production Phase?The post-production phase of video production is the part that many people don’t see. However, it’s a very critical phase of the process. What happens during post production will often times determine whether you have a winning video. Most businesses are probably familiar with what goes into the pre-planning and producing phases of creating a video. During the pre-planning, you are getting your actors, script, and setting together. Then you record the people actually saying and doing what the script says. This seems pretty straightforward. So what is the post-production part for or what does it accomplish?

If you’ve ever been involved in a video production, then you may have noticed that the producers take more than one shot of the same scene. They may take the same scene from different angles or positions. Have you ever noticed when you are watching a video that you will often see the person or scene from different locations? This gives the viewer the feeling that they are present in the place or scene with the characters. On the other hand, if the producer only shows the scene from one stagnant view, it won’t hold the interest. In the post-production phase, the video team will review the various clips to see which ones look the best and how they can put the clips together to make a full scene.

Next, the editing crew will begin to weave together the best clips to help people get a fuller view and feel for the scene. This requires making sure that there’s a smooth transition from one angle or view to the next. They accomplish this by using background music, sound effects, and using the sound recording even when the clip cuts away to show someone or something else. That way there is continuity throughout the entire scene even though several pieces are blended together.

Working behind the scenes on the post-production phase of a video is one of the most crucial parts. The team works diligently to weave together both visual and audio aspects to present a unifying video. If you are ready to get started on your video in Tampa, contact us today for more information.