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Web Series and Video Production in Tampa Flies into the News

Web Series and Video Production in Tampa Flies into the News

Video production in TampaWeb Series and Video Production in Tampa Flies into the News made news headlines in July 2014 thanks to a flying drone and the local film and digital media commission. The video, which was shot by a local man and posted online, found its way onto major news networks like FOX.  As such, it helped show the world what we already know, Tampa is one of the most photogenic places in the Sunshine State.

As for the Hillsborough Film and Digital Media Commission related news, they are apparently focusing some of their efforts on courting web video series creators. And as a video production company with extensive experience in creating online, commercial content, we couldn’t be more pleased with Commissioner Dale Gordon’s decision.

Of course web series are not new, per se. They’ve been around and discussed at length since the early 2000s. However, they are certainly growing in prominence, both from a creative outlet and advertising perspective. So businesses and marketers that choose to ignore it for much longer are clearly doing so at their own peril.

To date, large and small companies alike have already jumped onto the web series band wagon. For proof, one only has to look towards industry publications and websites. Ad Age has already reported on a number of companies this year that have either had raging success with web series or are launching new ones in the hopes of them going viral. Some of the big brand names that have been reported on are AOL, Acura, Subway and Conde Nast.

Drone technology has played a role in some web series and clearly isn’t brand spanking new either, but it’s getting better all of the time. That’s partially why we are all starting to see stories on CNN Tech and in Time magazine about drone video footage and how filmmakers are improving upon it. Thus, we don’t expect America’s love affair of aerial footage or web series to go away anytime soon.

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