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Visuals of Television Advertising: Ways to Display Your Merchandise Without Using Excessive Video Time

Visuals of Television Advertising: Ways to Display Your Merchandise Without Using Excessive Video Time

Television advertising has to think of its visuals as much as what’s said in a script. In fact, you should be able to give viewers a clear sense of what your ad is about, even if they have their sound down. While this might look challenging, it’s something you should plan out through your initial treatment. What can you do to show off your merchandise in as short a time as possible?

Focusing on Your Most Prominent Products

Rather than attempt to showcase everything in your store for a 30-second commercial, pick select items that are currently on sale or highlights of your store. Show them from all angles for as many seconds as you can so viewers can get a good look at the details. This might involve turning the camera in a circular pattern or revolving the item so it’s seen from various angles. For merchandise like cars, furniture, or clothing, viewers want to see how they look from different vantage points.

Getting All Your Items in One Shot

In some cases, if you’re doing your first commercial to entice business, you might want to do a wide shot of your entire merchandise. This can sometimes be achieved by using a camera from up high that slowly pans over your showroom. This can be a good approach if you just want to show how extensive your inventory is. Hone in on a few of your highest quality items for a few seconds as an enticement.

Showing People Using Your Product

While this might sound like a production tactic used in infomercials, you should always expect your products to sell themselves. Showing how useful your product is just as important as showing how good it looks standing alone. In a shorter commercial spot, plan out some quick action shots of something happening that precipitates a person using your product to take care of said problem. Even if it’s practical like clothing or furniture, showing them being used practically can help sell your business more than anything else shown or said.

Here at Vistamax, we can help you create a TV ad that you’ll be proud of using to either kick off your business or to help bring in new customers. In either scenario, we have the expertise to know what resonates with the viewing public.

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