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The Visual and Storytelling Benefits of Television Advertising

The Visual and Storytelling Benefits of Television AdvertisingEverybody watches television. In fact, the television is the focal point in most living rooms, with everyone gathered around it, enjoying their favorite show. You even hear about “remote control wars” in which people are battling to watch the TV show of their choice. So, in a way, the benefits of television advertising are obvious. Given that everyone watches television, everyone is going to watch television advertising as well. But apart from just the prevalence of TV-watching, there are other benefits of television advertising as well.

  1. It’s Visual: Visual advertising is generally more effective than advertising which contains a lot of print. And television advertising is not just visual, it’s also in the video format i.e. it’s constantly moving. So it’s natural for the human eye to be attracted to it. Evolution guarantees that human beings are always on the lookout for moving objects in their vicinity, to protect and feed themselves. Television advertisements make use of this evolutionary development.
  2. It Tells a Story: Everyone loves a story. It doesn’t matter whether the story is passed down the generations and told to you by your grandma or whether it’s the latest Scorsese. A story is still a story, with interesting characters facing obstacles which they eventually overcome. Most television advertisements make use of stories to draw the viewer in, thus leaving them open to the subliminal message that they should buy something.
  3. It Gives You Hope: Most products are sold in order to help you improve your life in some way. Maybe you have pimples, and the product will help you to get rid of them. Or maybe you’d like to improve your cooking talents, and the product is a kitchen item which will help you to do so. All products are designed in this way. So all a television advertisement has to do is give the viewer a clear picture of how they can improve their life and feel better about themselves by buying a certain product.

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