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Video Production Services: How Much Does a Video Cost?

Video Production Services: How Much Does a Video Cost?

Video Production Services: How Much Does a Video Cost?One of the most common questions about video production services is “How much does a video cost?”

The short answer is “It depends.” However, that’s not a very helpful answer. Here are some ways to help deal with the question of cost.

1.  Start with the objectives – The best place to start is determining what your objectives are.  Is this a video to be shown at your large national sales meeting?  Is it to be shown to a small group of new employees during orientation? Knowing what you want to accomplish will help inform the appropriate production quality, length, scope and other factors that will determine how much you’ll want to spend.

2. Determine a range – Most likely you have a range in mind based on your budget, so share that with your production company.  Some people may be hesitant to do that because of the fear the production company will immediately charge the top of that range or even more.  But sharing this information early in the process prevents disappointment and unnecessary work later.  Besides, if you find a trustworthy production company to work with, you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. Which brings us to the next point…

3.  Hire a trusted production company – If you have someone you’ve already used and trust, that makes it easy, but if not, how do you find someone? This is an important investment, so take the time to investigate.  Ask business associates for recommendations.  If you belong to a trade group, find out if there is someone they recommend or have used. Any video production company will have sample videos on their website, so look for some that are similar to what you are planning.

4. Get an initial consultation – A video company should be willing to do an initial consultation for free.  This will give you the chance to meet them and learn how they approach a project. You can learn a lot about how much they understand what you want and how they are to work with. This is the perfect time to discuss cost and find out if they are willing to work within your budget to provide a quality product.

5. Allow enough time – There is an old saying that you can have fast, cheap or good, but you can’t have all three. Plan as far in advance as possible.  Most productions will take several weeks.  Very complicated ones can take months.

If you’ve decided to move ahead with a video production, we can help you define your goals, advise how to achieve your vision within your budget, and provide you with a creative production proposal along with costs and timelines for your approval. To schedule an initial consultation, pleasecontact us 813-907-1010.