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Video Production Pros in FL Share Why Matching Angles and Lighting is Key

Video Production Pros in FL Share Why Matching Angles and Lighting is Key

Video Production Pros in FL Share Why Matching Angles and Lighting is KeyVideo production in Florida may not be all about the lighting but it certainly is one element that must receive attention. Otherwise, videos may give prospects skewed views of a company’s products or services. Also, it may draw prospects’ eyes away, thereby keeping them from fully absorbing important messaging. At Vistamax® Productions, we will take care of the lighting. However, we know that some of you may be curious about the basics:

In general, setting up lighting during video production in Florida is a multi-step process that first and foremost, takes into account camera angles. The camera angles scheduled to be used during video production are established in advance. The list of camera angles for each video segment normally include high, eye and low positions meant to record all of the pertinent action. Naturally, lighting must compliment those camera angles.

Consequently, a video production manager’s lighting notes normally include three elements as well. They are fill, back and key lights. Like camera angles, each set is there to perform a particular function that when put together with other production elements works perfectly. For instance, a video’s leading man or woman will often be filmed at eye level using key lights. Additional shots of the subject using high and low camera angles are then enhanced using back and fill lights.

Later, all of those shots taken at various camera angles are edited into one piece of footage. That one piece of footage is reviewed by video production team members and altered accordingly. So if the backlighting is off on the high shots, it could negatively impact large chunks of the video production. The same is true of eye and low camera shots as well as key and fill lighting. That said, those are the basics of setting up lighting. Please feel free to contact us for more information about it and video production in Florida 813-907-1010.