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Video Production in Tampa: Where Should I Shoot?

Video Production in Tampa: Where Should I Shoot?

There is a lot of decision making that goes into video production in Tampa. One of the decisions that need to be made during the process is whether or not to shoot in studio, on location or both. So today, we wanted to briefly touch upon the differences between the two shooting areas:

Shooting in a Studio

There is one main advantage to shooting a video in the studio. It allows our Florida video crew to have complete control over the environment. In other words, we can make sure that everything from the background colors and lighting to the angle and composition of the shot is absolutely perfect. Of course having total control over the environment isn’t the only benefit of shooting in a studio. It also makes it easier on makeup artists, wardrobe personnel and hairstylists who need access to a large assortment of materials, electricity and optimal lighting.

Shooting on Location

Shooting on location is another matter entirely. For starters, unless you are Mother Nature, there is no way that you can actually have absolute control over an outdoor shoot. After all, there is always the chance of weather, flora or fauna impacting a shot. The upside is the impact of those things may end up working in your favor. It’s all contingent on what your filming and why. Take an ocean scene for example. If you film it on location, you don’t have to build a set. All of the essential elements (i.e. sand, water and wave sounds) are already in place.

The other thing that must be kept in mind is that filming on location requires expert logistical planning skills. For example, the Florida video production crew must know which pieces of audio visual equipment to bring with them. In addition, if talent is involved, the location may need to have elements like restrooms and changing areas.

The above is just a cursory look at the differences between in studio and on location video production in Tampa. To ask questions and learn more about the two options, please contact us at (813) 907-1010.