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Video Production in Tampa Can Help Businesses with Facebook Strategies

Video Production in Tampa Can Help Businesses with Facebook Strategies

Video Production in Tampa Can Help Businesses with Facebook StrategiesFacebook is certainly keeping marketers on their toes. There was the Call-to-Action buttons’ release and disappearing Connected Accounts button on YouTube earlier this year. Now everyone’s talking about instant articles and mobile video. Good thing our video production in Tampa is keeping up with the latest.  Of course we love the fact that mobile video is taking such a prominent role in the conversation and want to help our customers succeed.

If digital storytelling is at the forefront of your company’s marketing plans, let us know. Our years of multimedia experience are at your disposal. We can help you create the perfect video to go with any Instant Article and Call-to-Action. Plus, we can generate videos for mobile app platforms beyond Facebook. If you are not sure which alternative apps and platforms would be best, we’d suggest culling a bit of analytical data from around the web.

Earlier this year, Shareaholic summed up 2014’s state of traffic referrals rather nicely. They posted a chart showing Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit as the top five goliaths in the room. Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms unfortunately took a back seat. Hopefully Shareaholic’s informative post will help get at least the historical part of your research started.

When your research and videos are complete, we’d suggest making good use of all the tools the top five platforms have to offer. For example, make sure that Facebook’s Watch Video Call-to-Action button is easily found on your company’s page. For example, you might want to have our experts come up with a cool animation leading viewers eyes to the button.

And talk to us about creating stills for your cover page too. Most social media experts recommend changing it monthly and we can create ones that will coincide with your video marketing objectives. For instance, we could photograph shoes for the FB cover page and create videos of how the footwear was made for the Call-to-Action.

To learn more about still photography or video production in Tampa and how they may help make your Facebook marketing efforts a success, please contact us today 813-907-1010.