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Video Production in Florida Helps Long Distance Programs Remain Relevant

Video Production in Florida Helps Long Distance Programs Remain Relevant

Video Production in FloridaEach year, millions of students engage in distance learning and many of them are utilizing educational videos in the process. It’s just one of the latest ways educational institutions are appealing to today’s technologically dependent consumers. For proof, just take a quick look at Harvard University and Florida Keys Community College. They both have distance education programs that include hybrid, live web conference and video courses.

That said, institutes of learning that have yet to embrace the move towards tech driven, distance programs should consider looking intovideo production in Florida. Video production in Florida can help educators fine-tune broadcasts in a way that appeals to contemporary, distance learning students. And in some instances, the same Florida production companies may be able to assist with perfecting live event broadcasts too.

Such is the case with Vistamax Productions. Our production company’s team of experts has experience with live event broadcasting, animation, logo treatment, television commercials, direct response television and video production in Florida. So educators can have the benefit of using one production company for all of their distance learning, audio-visual needs. One of the schools that have used our services in the past has been the University of South Florida.

We should also mention that although many institutions with long distance learning programs like to record their educators’ lectures in a classroom setting, they don’t have to take place there. Our video production company employs video film crews that can shoot in-studio as well as at a variety of locations. For example, let’s say that an educator is hoping to lecture on the anatomy and physiology of macaws. He or she may want to film part of that lecture at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. It has a macaw exhibit and offers students access to a macaw flyover educational program.

Of course Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo isn’t the only great location educators may want to consider utilizing when creating their video lectures. To learn more about the vast possibilities, please contact us today