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Video Production in a Music World

Video Production in a Music World

While the heart of music has remained the same over the years the medium of conveyance has drastically changed. Music is not just about the music anymore, but the story it can tell through the visual medium.

Bands seem to gain their greatest exposure through a mix of video and social media. There are some television channels that do show music videos, but once again the music medium has shifted.  Now people look for their music online, either for videos or through online stations such as Pandora or iTunes radio.

As the pulse of the music industry changes, musicians change their marketing strategies along with it.  People now want to see their music.  With YouTube registering as the second largest search engine is it any wonder that the most successful artists are the most video literate?  Facebook and other social media sites are also key to the distribution of videos and therefore popularity of an artist.

While video production services are a necessary part of the industry it cannot be stressed enough that video is the medium of music for the current generation.  Money is in the performance and a music video is a performance that can be viewed over and over again.

Pentatonix is a perfect example of a group that maximizes their return in the YouTube world.  Every one of their official songs has over a million views and their most popular has over 16 mill.  It’s hard to argue with those numbers.

Bottom line, it would be ridiculous for a modern musical artist to overlook the benefits of video and social media to spread their product.  Luckily, Vistamax puts a large focus on video production services.  Looking at how the medium of music has changed in our lifetime, imagine where it’s going, and how video production plays a vital role.


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