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Video Production Companies in Tampa Talk Projection Mapping Basics

Video Production Companies in Tampa Talk Projection Mapping BasicsAn increasing number of video production companies in Tampa are offering services with projection mapping in mind. What is it and why should corporate marketers care to make the technique an integral part of their marketing plans? Let’s take a second to look behind the lens and see what’s behind the rise in interest:

Projection mapping didn’t just burst onto Tampa’s video production scene in 2018. It’s been part of it since the early 2000s but very few people cared. It is essentially a form of spatial augmented reality that’s achieved through the use of special software, unique viewing locations, advanced technology and video production equipment.  Basically, once captured and edited, the video is projected onto areas other than the standard screens.

It didn’t catch on right away because of initial equipment and labor costs. Plus, not a lot of videographers fully understood its potential at the time. Now, spatial augmented realty’s value is well understood and the resources to make it work are well within the reach of most video production companies in Tampa. Accordingly, they’re increasingly offering it to their corporate clients, who are learning to use the technology to better achieve their marketing objectives.

As such, we’ve seen it used in unexpected places, including the Rugby World Cup, Tokyo Station and England’s Brighton Pavilion. In The Sunshine State, it’s frequently used at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. But is it effective at motivating consumers? Various studies like the ones that appear in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and literature reviews say that it is effective. We suggest taking a look at some of them to learn more about consumer behaviorists have to say about it.

As for real world applications, we recommend contacting us. At Vistamax® Productions, we understand spatial augmented reality and other advances in corporate video production. So, why not reach out and set up an appointment with our team today?