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3 Types of Videos that Small Businesses Should Use for Marketing

Vertical Video Production Companies For Tampa Businesses

Vertical Video Production Companies For Tampa BusinessesIn a fast-paced world of technological advances, staying current with the times is a key concern for video production companies. Tampa businesses want the best ROI for their marketing dollars. The most important factor is how the end users or audience prefer to receive their content.

The Transition From Stationary To Mobile Devices

It’s a known fact that mobile device users dominate when it comes to Internet searches. Desktops and laptops have entered their own sort of dinosaur age. Will the preference for mobile phones continue the upward trend and how does that effect video production?

Adapting To The New Technology

Globally, at least 62 percent of consumers access the Internet on their mobile phones. The number of users is projected to top 3 billion in the near future. Most smartphone owners hold their devices vertically. Traditionally, videos were filmed for horizontal computer screens, but with that many people using vertical devices, video production is adapting.

Why Does Your Audience Prefer Vertical Video Content?

The evolution in the way that audiences consume their video content is gaining momentum. Here are some notable facts:

  • 94 percent of smartphone users hold their devices vertically, and find it annoying to turn the screen horizontally to watch a video
  • 90 percent of videos watched vertically are watched to the end
  • Less than 30 percent of smartphone users are willing to turn their phone sideways to watch a video ad
  • User that do turn their phones, typically quit after the 14 percent mark
  • Social media platforms are adopting vertical video formats, due to the huge rise in social media subscribers
  • Forbes says filling the screen with vertical video is a key element in adding the human touch

We can all agree that watching a movie vertically would not be a pleasant experience, but for video marketing it makes complete sense to adapt to consumer behaviors.

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