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TV Commercial Production in Florida Has Its Benefits

TV Commercial Production in Florida Has Its Benefits

Are you presently searching for the ideal place to film your next TV commercial, DRTV segment, motion picture or video? If so, consider choosing a location in the Sunshine State. There are a multitude of reasons why Florida is a superlative spot for film, video and TV commercial production. Here are a few to consider:

For starters, there are typically financial incentives available to those eligible entities that wish to film in Florida. However, the incentives must be applied for well in advance and acceptance is understandably not guaranteed. When available, the incentives run the gamut from immediate federal tax write-offs (H.R.4520 Sec. 181),state tax exemptions and grants to discounts on location rentals. Speaking of location rentals, Florida also offers access to varied settings and incredible, year round weather. Some of those areas, like Tampa Bay, offer other benefits as well. Those benefits include one-stop permitting, familiarization tours and lodging assistance.

In addition to those advantages, the state is home to a variety of television and film related businesses. Our company, Vistamax, is one of them. We have been immersed in Florida’s television and motion picture industries for decades. Thus, we can help you locate the ideal location for your TV commercial production. Furthermore, we also provide onsite filming and a host of other complimentary services. As such, your firm’s staff won’t have to stress over such vital tasks as casting talent, scriptwriting or finding the ideal cache of makeup artists. Other TV commercial production services that we can provide include:

  • Creation of special effects (i.e. animations and sound)
  • DRTV commercial production (long and short form)
  • Superior, high-resolution still photography
  • Graphic design and logo tweaking
  • Video formatting and editing
  • Central Florida crewing

For more information about the benefits of TV commercial production in Florida, contact us at 1-813-907-1010. We may also be reached through the Vistamax Production website or Facebook page.