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TV Commercial Production: How Strong is Your Ad Campaign’s Foundation?

TV Commercial Production: How Strong is Your Ad Campaign’s Foundation?

TV Commercial Production: How Strong is Your Ad Campaign’s Foundation?If we were to look at TV commercial production as if it were a house, marketing research and data collection would certainly be key parts of its foundation. After all, if a television ad runs and no interested parties are around to watch or respond, it has zero chances of registering so much as an ink smear on a company’s balance sheet. This realization brings most companies to question which resources are best at gathering and processing that data. Although the idea of “best marketing tools” is a subjective one, we wanted to spend a minute this week mentioning a few that may help television advertisers in 2015.

There are currently many companies whose primary purpose is to collect, analyze and disseminate information on given demographics’ television viewing habits. The ones that combine Nielsen data with other resources in order to add depth and breadth to their analysis are always worth looking into. That said, here is a short list of companies that pull data from multiple sources:

  • TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc.
  • Nielsen Holdings N.V.
  • Rentrak Corporation
  • Simulmedia, Inc.
  • Neustar, Inc.

Whichever data collection and analysis firms companies choose to work with in the future, our TV commercial production team can take their target market reports and transform them into tailor-made ads. We are also nimble enough to help advertisers create ads that will be eventually integrated into various television and digital, programmatic platform providers’ plans. The list of current and emerging platform providers includes, but isn’t confined to Clypd, AudienceXpress, and Comscient Group. Advertisers should feel free to check out their ad buying services and reach their own conclusions on which ones would be best for their firm’s marketing needs. To learn more about our TV commercial production services and how they may help strengthen a company’s advertising campaign, please contact us today 813-907-1010.