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TV Ad Production in Tampa: Is it Really the Best Way to Reach Millennials?

TV Ad Production in Tampa: Is it Really the Best Way to Reach Millennials?

TV Ad Production in Tampa: Is it Really the Best Way to Reach Millennials?It seems that the majority of today’s marketers are hoping to get a strangle hold on the Millennials’ pocketbooks, which thus far has proven somewhat difficult to do. Why has it been so challenging? For starters, they are unlike their Generation X parents in many, but not all, respects. One of the areas where the two generations tend to be in sync involves TV ad production.

To get a better perspective of what we are referring to, consider taking a look at Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau’s most recent reports and slides. Collectively, they show that both Millennials and their Gen X parents spend quite a bit of time watching cable television. And broadcast television statistics provided by groups like TVB tend to show the same.

So what are Millennials and Gen X members watching these days? News and information based programming typically gets the warmest reception from these two demographics. Sports, gaming, entertainment, lifestyle and family programming often get high marks too.

With that said, TV ads placed during those programming time slots may prove to be a practice today’s marketers want to consider closely. This is especially the case for those that are hoping to generate social media buzz or utilize multiple platforms that lend themselves to vignette style ad campaigns. Well produced television ads are known to be beneficial in those respects as well.

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