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TV Ad Production in Tampa Expected to Increase Before 2014 Midterm Elections

TV Ad Production in Tampa Expected to Increase Before 2014 Midterm Elections

TV Video ProductionAs the midterms inch ever closer, news about big advertising buys are starting to crop up. One of the most recent headlines noted that more than $43 million in television airtime has already been purchased by the Dems. And it’s safe to assume that the Republicans will be doing the same, or similar, in the weeks ahead. So why the hefty push by politicians towards TV ad production?

Simply put, it all comes down to impression analytics and television’s are pretty extraordinary to say the very least. For an in-depth breakdown of what expert TV ad production may do for a political candidate, check out the TVB. It’s one of our industry’s trade associations and they generate a lot of comprehensive, analytical reports about television’s effectiveness in the political arena. One of their last reports highlighted the importance of local news shows and compared it to cable and national programming.

On top of being extremely effective on their own, TV ads can very easily be paired with other popular campaign mediums too. One powerful medium that Campaign & Elections magazine is quick to point out is social media. Over the years, they have published a series of case studies on how campaigns are won or lost using the internet, television ad production and more. So if you have a desire to learn more about political strategy, you may want to delve into the magazine’s white papers.

Couple all of that with the fact that political pundits widely agree the Sunshine State is one of this year’s key battleground states, we fully expect TV ad production to heat up in Tampa. That said, political candidates that have yet to create their ads for the South Florida market are encouraged to contact us. We have been engaging in TV ad production in Florida since 1997. To learn more, please call (813) 907-1010 today.