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TV Ad Production: A Great Way to Reach Baby Boomers in Tampa

TV Ad Production: A Great Way to Reach Baby Boomers in Tampa

TV Ad Production: A Great Way to Reach Baby Boomers in TampaDid you read the latest RealtyTrac report? The Tampa Bay Times reported on its release in early July 2014. If you haven’t read it yet, and your business relies on the Baby Boomer market segment, you may want to take a minute and pick up a copy. Why? According to the report’s authors, our region’s rental market is super hot among Boomers right now. And reaching them may be as simple as investing in TV ad production.

As the LA TimesNew York Times and Wall Street Journal have all reported in the past, Boomers are big TV consumers with hefty wallets. So money placed into first-rate, TV ad production is apt to go a long way in furthering a company’s efforts. This may especially be the case with infomercial or DRTV ads that allow advertisers to go into more depth about their services and products.

Over the years, the elongated format has proven to be exceptionally successful at selling real estate. So it just makes sense to utilize the DRTV format to inform Tampa’s Baby Boomers of rentals and related products too. For example, a Tampa Bay real estate firm that specializes in rentals to Boomers may want to create a series of infomercials that focus on different retirement communities that have rental space available. Moving companies and rental insurance providers may want to jump into the action too.

Of course infomercials aren’t the only form of television advertising in Tampa that is known to attract the attention of the Baby Boomer crowd. Market members also have a lengthy history of responding to standard length commercials, internet marketing videos, documentaries and weekly, news-style shows. Therefore, nothing within the realm of TV ad production is really off of the table for those hoping to capture a slice of the Boomer marketplace.

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