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TV AD Production: A Simple Guide

TV AD Production

TV Advertising with a PlanOur pride and joy here at Vistamax has always been the creation of captivating and intriguing material for a wide audience.  We look forward to assisting our clients in forging strong content catered to their needs. One of our most intriguing services available to you is TV ad production.

Many people believe that the end of the television era may be coming to an end with the rise of big streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. Here are some quick facts about TV ads and how the industry of commercial production is still going strong.

  • The average American home has at least one television turned on for almost seven hours each day, according to the advocacy group TV-Free America.
  • US viewers spend almost 5.5x more time watching ad supported TV every month than they do watching anything on YouTube, according to Nielsen Digital Content Ratings and Pivotal Research.
  • The U.S. advertising market grew by 10.8% in 2018. Digital advertisement grew at 16.8%, followed by national TV ads at 7.1%. These numbers were presented by Standard Media Index research provided to Marketing Dive.
  • According to Nielsen Total Audience, 95% of American households own a TV. Just 77% have a smartphone and about 73% of them have internet service at home.

Here at Vistamax, we believe that TV Ad production is still a strong market which will provide the boost necessary to your business. Advertisements for television and online content are on the rise.  Allow us to help you take advantage of the opportunity to market your business in different viewing mediums like live TV or online streaming. What better way to market your company than with a quick, captivating 30 second commercial while your audience streams their favorite TV show!?

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