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Top growing trends in video advertising

Top growing trends in video advertising

Top growing trends in video advertisingTelevision advertising used to be the alpha and omega of the advertising world. Tuning into our favorite programs, we would have to sit through dozens of commercials. Viewers would often bemoan the fact that allotted commercial time would cut into actual television content. Commercial-less streaming services and DVR have made a profound impact on the TV advertising domination. While it has not been completely eliminated, advertisers are still searching for new and innovative ways to grow their brand.

It’s not unheard of to hear someone say they don’t own a television. If this sentence was uttered twenty years ago, they would be met with shock and confusion. Today it is not nearly as rare. This isn’t to say that your friend is entertainment deprived. They are simply accessing their entertainment on another platform. Many viewers access their favorite programs solely online. As this becomes the norm, advertisers find themselves in a unique position.

Advertisers have adapted to new forms of branding. We have seen the internet grow exponentially in the last twenty years. Internet marketing is an essential key to business branding. An internet user rushes to YouTube to look up the latest viral video. Before the video starts, they see a brief commercial beforehand. Most users will gladly wait through the advertisement with few complaints. Sometimes advertisements will come through in the middle of the video. A viewer watching a recipe video will see it interrupted briefly for a fifteen second ad. They likely will stay tuned so they can see what the next step of the process is. With this type of advertising, it is imperative that your ads are brief and attention getting. A minute or even thirty second commercial may cause some groans for the viewer. A short fifteen second ad will likely not disturb them and even stick out in their mind.

Another unique form of advertising is using “influencers” to spread your word. Young people expanding their social media brand is a growing trend. These influencers can potentially turn this into a career. Seek out and find some of the most influential social media users and develop a working relationship with them. You should, however, properly vet them and make sure this is someone to be the “face” of your brand.