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To Place or Not to Place? One of Television Advertising’s Biggest Questions

To Place or Not to Place? One of Television Advertising’s Biggest Questions

To Place or Not to Place? One of Television Advertising’s Biggest QuestionsThe transformation television advertising has made since WGY first sent its programs out into the airwaves was the subject on many people’s minds this past October. If you didn’t get a chance to join in, just look at the discussions that took place on NPR as well as in editions of The Guardian and The New Yorker. They all mention something important to everyone here at Vistamax Productions®, product placement.

Like other end runs for consumers’ attention, placement techniques continue to evolve without losing their effectiveness. Therefore, they’re every bit as important as other forms of television advertising. And we can help people wishing to produce their own television shows incorporate them into their respective scripts or storyboards. Have you already started to speculate how?

Well speculate no more! Our television advertising connections include talented script writers, professional spokespeople, camera and lighting experts who are no strangers to product integration. So, they can collaborate on plans that put companies’ products right where they are meant to be, at the center of consumers’ visual fields.

And with the same resources, we can help seamlessly integrate products into webinars, live stream events, photos and corporate videos too. Accordingly, that tends to make the execution of a company’s marketing plan appear as easily as a clapboard on set. Why? With one television advertising company at the helm, there is less chance of miscommunication or image incongruity occurring.

It also bears repeating that even if companies don’t want to utilize all of the previously mentioned, visual mediums, we can still help them with their television advertising needs. Large budget or small, we will put our best resources into making the perfect product placement schedule happen. To learn more and utilize product integration techniques across all of a company’s audio-visual offerings, please contact us today 813-907-1010.