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A 7-Step TV Commercial Production Checklist for Your Business

Tips for Your Business Video Production

Tips for Your Business Video ProductionBusinesses have a greater opportunity to connect with consumers these days if they implement business videos into their marketing plan. Studies reflect that people browsing the internet are more likely to stop and take notice if they see a video. Videos, if done right, have the ability to catch the viewer’s attention in ways other methods do not. How can businesses use video to stop someone mid-scroll? Check out these tips below:

Make it short and sweet

If you are hoping to attract consumers who aren’t customers yet, then long-form videos may not be the way to go (although they do have their place). People have limited time, are usually moving to the next activity, and don’t have the longest attention span (unless necessary). That’s why your business video should be straight to the point —short and sweet without a lot of extra fluff.

Make it captivating and information

Finding the balance between being informative and being interesting may be challenging, but it is necessary. You must captivate the viewers’ attention or they won’t stay watching the video. At the same time, consumers need information to help them make the best decisions when buying a product or service. That’s why you need a delicate combination of both.

Make it professional

A professional video is necessary. No one will stay visiting a video on a website or social media page if it looks grainy or thrown together. Some people have a knack for making a homemade video look polished, but that is rare. Most businesses would be wise to have professionally produced videos. A production company has the tools and techniques to pump out a high-quality video that will garner attention and clicks.

At Vistamax, we have been delighting customers with creative quality videos for over two decades. Our team of professionals will make sure your business video accomplishes the goal of attracting more prospects to your business. For more information, get in touch with us today!