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Tips and Tricks to Maximize ROI on Business Video Production

Tips and Tricks to Maximize ROI on Business Video ProductionAt first glance, producing business video may seem like an expensive proposition. Some marketing departments may experience a little “sticker shock” when they get a quote. However, there is no content more versatile, impactful, or engaging than video, and the long-term benefits for inbound marketing make it worth every penny. Here are some ways to get the most value from your video production:

Remember your audience. Yes, your CEO may want to deliver a talking-head message about company history and values, but keep in mind that it may not be very interesting to the average viewer (unless your company has a fascinating backstory). Your audience wants concrete, specific information about your product. If it’s humorous or interesting, so much the better (and so much more sharable).

Make your shoot day long… with several hours of captured footage, you can create potentially dozens of individual videos. Try make a broad overview, and then delve into specific details. Once you’ve invested in the financial, scheduling, and logistical challenges of a video shoot, try to capture as much content as you can. In post-production, your footage can be re-combined and repurposed to the best effect, for multiple segments, and for maximum returns.

But keep your videos short. Many people won’t watch a business video if they know that it’s several minutes long. Instead, think of building a content library of short videos on specific subjects, so that the audience gets only as much information as they are looking for. It’s better to leave them wanting more than to bore them with too much. Keep the individual video segments short, with clear messages, memorable takeaways, and strong CTAs to get the most value from your business video.

With a good blueprint, and keeping these practices in mind, business video productiondoesn’t have to be as expensive as it may seem. The potential for ongoing, engaging, high-value content for all your distribution channels far outweighs the initial cost.