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Three Things Brand Advertisers Should Know About DRTV

Three Things Brand Advertisers Should Know About DRTVEvery brand, or at least a large number of them, is warming up to the idea of using DRTV as a form of marketing. To understand how big DRTV is becoming, Apple, Nikon, and the U.S. Navy are some of the leading firms turning to DRTV. So, what is DRTV?

What is DRTV?

DRTV (which stands for Direct Response Television) is a form of television advertising that encourages companies to give feedback (or respond) directly to them. Why are leading companies around the world clamoring for DRTV? We have put together what you need to know about why companies are adding DRTV to their advertising portfolio.

Assurance of Accountability Measurability.

Because of high accountability and measurability, companies have a chance to connect directly with their customers in many (and innovative ways). Measurability allows businesses to make fast and well-informed decisions in as far as media buys are concerned. Advertising messages and critical campaign components become more straightforward.

Image Spots become more effective with DRTV

Short image formats make consumers think about the product or service, how good and helpful. At which point, DRTV kicks in and leads the consumer to the next phase. A DRTV commercial will encourage the consumers (or the viewer) to head to the company’s website or phone the company. If it is a store, DRTV will push them to drive over to the store. The ability of DRTV to form a symbiotic relationship with other forms of advertising makes it a deal breaker, thus creating a powerful sales option.

Integrated Approach and brand awareness

Agreed, DRTV commercials are better at helping with direct sales; they can be a great asset when it comes to brand awareness. Brief and short spots may be employed to introduce the brand before the viewer is invited to interact with the service, either on the client’s website or on their social channels.

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