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The Value of Television Advertising

The Value of Television Advertising

You’ve probably heard it said that in today’s world of communication, social media is king. After all, it is real time communication and it’s as portable as your laptop or smart phone. But for all the immediacy of social media, television advertising is still a better venue to reach potential customers with your message.

One problem with relying on social media for advertising is that most social media tends to be about reaction, and in that way is not often the place where new ideas originate. Social media’s portability and saturation also leads to shorter attention spans. For instance, one popular method in social media advertising is through sponsored Twitter posts. But how much can a potential customer learn in just 140 charcters? Will they click on links that take them away from their constantly updating Twitter feed just to read about your product or service?

That’s why television advertising is still a good investment. Television viewers have already committed to a specific length of viewing time. Live television requires that television viewers devote their attention to what is happening on the screen. Commercials that pique their interest or entertain are going to make a much bigger impression for that reason.

Television commercials that are particularly memorable help increase brand recognition. Also, it is often television programming and commercials that are the stuff to which social media reacts. Truly creative commercials may go viral through social media outlets like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Creating truly memorable and quality television advertising is what we do at Vistamax.  We can help you develop the right approach to letting others know about your product and we provide superior service in everything from scriptwriting to casting talent.

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