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The Use of Color in Advertising

The Use of Color in Advertising

The Use of Color in AdvertisingAs a business owner, you have to think about your target audience. Did you know that the colors you use in your advertising can influence people’s decisions? Psychologists have studied different colors and how they affect spending and buying habits. According to, the color choice in the advertisement can influence up to 93% of the buying decision. When you think about your Tampa commercial production, try using one of these colors to reach your specific audience.

Red, Yellow, and Orange

Red, yellow, and orange are all hot colors which signal energy and urgency. These colors are used to target impulse buyers because they create a sense of need. The majority of fast food restaurants, basic retail shops, and sugary snacks use one of these colors to influence consumer’s decision-making.

Blue, Green, and Purple

Cool colors, such as blue, green, and purple all create a sense of calming and relaxation. These colors are often used with household products or furniture stores to help create a sense of peace in the home. Hotels also use these colors to help promote the calm people will feel at their location. The use of these colors also tells the client they can trust your brand to put their mind at ease with your product or service.


Black is primarily used to make people feel like they are going to buy a luxury item. It signifies power and prestige in consumer products. High-end cars, fancy steakhouses, power tools, and the newest electronics all tend to showcase black items to show people how powerful they will feel once they own it.

White and Gray

White and gray, on the other hand, are used for modern trends to make people feel like they have the newest items. Luxury clothing shops, jewelry stores, and anyone in the fashion industry tend to use white and grays when showcasing their items. It creates a sense of “keeping up with the Jones'” that will have people craving your brand.

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