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The Steps to a Successful Corporate Video Production

The Steps to a Successful Corporate Video Production

More viewers than ever before are tuned into video. The statistics are staggering:

  • Last fall, 37 billion videos were viewed online by 183 million viewers.
  • In the last two years, the mobile viewing audience increased by 77%.
  • Forecasts predict that by 2017, 90% of those online will regularly watch videos.

Given these findings, it’s natural that your company is looking into expanding your online video presence. If you’re unsure how to begin, here’s a primer from the professionals at Vistamax:

1. Make a plan. What is the goal of the video? Who is your audience? What do you want to communicate in this video? Define your objectives with a single sentence, if possible. This is also where you want to set the tone of the subject. Is it light-hearted? Serious? Educational?

2. Make a timeline and a budget. When do you want to see the finished video online? Is there a particular event it needs to coincide with? How long and complex do you want this video to be? How much do you intend to spend on it? Flexibility is important, so set a ceiling and floor for expenditures.

3. Decide what format you envision for your video. This will tie in with your purpose and intended audience. Will it primarily involve interviews, testimonials, a fact-based narrative, entertainment, or a combination of these elements?

At any point in the process, you will need more information about what services are available and their cost. That’s when you come to Vistamax. Our team of professionals from the advertising, television, and motion-picture industries will confer with you about the best way to create an online experience that will set your company apart from the crowd. Contact us for a quote today.