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cartoon frame of a man standing in front of the camera in a super hero suit while posing

The Sky Is the Limit With Animated TV Commercials

cartoon frame of a man standing in front of the camera in a super hero suit while posingThere are times when animated TV commercials come across as more fun and lively than regular TV commercials, so they can have more of an impact. After all, when you use animation, the sky is the limit; you can give full rein to your imagination. You can bring in elements of fantasy and humor as well as make the commercial visually stunning, with bright colors and a lot of detail.

What Is Animation Used For?

There are a lot of options when it comes to animation.

  • In the past, animation has been used to animate birds and animals and make them talk; think Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Geico gecko.
  • It has also been used to create gorgeous backgrounds and entire worlds which have entranced people in movies such as Finding Nemo, Encanto and the Spider-verse
  • Don’t forget about the world of anime which has its own set of aesthetics and very moving narratives.

Animation Options for TV Commercials

You can go for something fun and catchy, or you can go with something sophisticated and aesthetically beautiful for your TV commercial. It all depends on your product and your brand. You can also go with a commercial that is partly animated and partly shot in the real world (remember a-ha’s famous video of Take On Me?)

If you already have a concept in mind, you can sit down with our team and explain it to them so that they can bring it to life. But if you just have a vague idea, you can still sit down with them, get more ideas and flesh it out.

Animation Ideas for TV Commercials

There are a few things you might want to think about when considering an animated TV commercial:

  1. If your company logo has an animal or bird in it, you might want to consider animating it for your TV commercial.
  2. Animated commercials are, of course, great for products for children, but nowadays, even adults have started appreciating animation. So don’t limit yourself when it comes to your target demographic.
  3. Don’t forget that the other aspects of the commercial are also important; it should tell a story with interesting character development which hooks the viewer. The dialogue and the background music can also help to set the tone and the mood of the commercial.

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