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The Production of Effective TV Ads

The Production of Effective TV Ads

A television advertisement is simply a special kind of message, and an effective message will get the point across even to an inattentive viewer. So what makes for an effective TV ad? Here are some characteristics of the best ad campaigns:

The Message Is Memorable. It is visually stiking; the images linger in your memory. Often, a seascape or sunset provides this kind of backdrop. Needless to say, the images must be consistent with the feeling that the producer wishes to evoke in the audience.

The Message Is Clear. Some very memorable (and expensive!) ads have left viewers shaking their heads, wondering, “What was that all about?” Since one purpose of the ad is to evoke good feelings about a product or service, all these wonderful images must deliver a message that the viewer can understand. Tying the right words into the images, music and special effects requires talent and experience.

The Message Is Appealing. The audience has to like something about what they see even if they’re not much interested in the subject matter. A truly great commercial will make a homebody reflect on how nice it would be to get out of the house and do something fun.

The Message Ends with a Call to Action. The point of any ad is to move the viewers to action. An ad that prompts them to do that with humor, logic, or emotion is much more likely to get results, especially with repeated viewing.

Achieving all of this on time and on budget requires a team with experience, creativity and resources. The award-winning production team of Vistamax in Tampa Bay, Florida, wants to help you create that memorable experience for your viewing audience. We use state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful scenery, quality talent, and honed professionals to create the most effective visual messaging for your company, whether it’s a commercial, infomercial, corporate video, documentary or live entertainment. Contact us to bring your message to life today.