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The Benefits of Television Production vs Film

The Benefits of Television Production vs FilmFeature films can only capture so much within it’s two hour time frame to tell a story. You’re limited in the amount of time you have to establish your characters, settings, production scheduling and so on. Television production has the benefit of giving you more time for all of these things.

TV Has The Potential To Be More Grand Than Film

We have seen a recent surge in high quality television production. Whether you like them or not, you have to give credit to TV for stepping up its game. With TV shows such as Game of Thrones, The Expanse, Mr. Robot, This Is Us, American Horror Story, Westworld, Atlanta, we have seen a surge in high quality TV production, storytelling, acting and production. Producers are slowly starting to realize that with TV, you have a chance to fully explore your shows universe, characters and you can take your time in telling your story so it doesn’t feel rushed.

Great Actors and Actresses Have Gone Into, Or Came From, Television

We have even some of our best Hollywood stars turn to television productions and some of our best stars coming from TV shows. Hollywood stars like Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, Anthony Hopkins, Viola Davis, Benedict Cumberbatch and Michelle Pfeiffer have had rolls in TV productions. Some of our biggest Hollywood stars have come from television, such as Patrick Stewart. TV shows have the benefit of exploring their characters longer, giving our stars a chance to dive into their rolls in a way you couldn’t do in film and to explore the full complex set of emotions that makes up humanity. We are seeing more and more high quality actors and actresses coming from TV.

TV Has The Chance To Directly Connect With Your Audience

Because of the way TV is produced, shows can connect to a wider audience than film. TV shows which explores our political landscape and entertainment industry have the chance to directly respond as situations occur. Productions such as Saturday Night Live and South Park have often dealt with political commentary of the week. South Park’s cheap animation style can even respond to a social situation within 24 hours. Even commercials can directly connect a viewer with a product and increase the likelihood of boosting sales.

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