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The Advantages of a Florida Video Production

The Advantages of a Florida Video Production

Vistamax Productions has been in business since 1997, providing a long list of national and international clients with superior video productions of all kinds, including commercials, infomercials, live entertainment, and documentaries. There are many reasons for our success, but one surprising reason is our location.

We’re based in Tampa, Florida. Tampa Bay is Florida’s second-largest metropolitan area, so anything we need in order to complete a project in a rush–transportation, specialized equipment, skilled techs, talent, or repairmen–is right at our fingertips. That would be true in any large city. But the drawback of most urban areas is the cost of getting a production crew to a scenic location for a shoot. For Vistamax, that’s not a problem.

Sure, we use a blue screen or studio when appropriate, and we’ll go wherever a client needs us. Sometimes there’s no substitute for the sense of reality that a location shoot imparts. But when a dramatic outdoor landscape is required, why run up production costs lugging a film crew across the country when we have all the variety of central Florida on our doorstep. If you want your production to feature – A cityscape on the water, Miles of white sandy beaches, Lush garden settings, A luxury resort backdrop, A carnival atmosphere, Exotic animals, Wilderness, An historic site, and we have access to many more. Vistamax’s experienced location scouts know all the most scenic, accommodating and cost-effective places to film. And since we’ve been in the area so long, site managers know and welcome our responsible, courteous film crews.

Whatever your project, wherever you are, see what we can offer you in the way of a memorable production. Contact us today.