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The 3 “Musts” for Every Video: Part I

The 3 "Musts" for Every Video: Part IVideo works, period.  It works better than all-text content, it works better than print ads, it works better than infographics.  Whatever your marketing objectives, video will help you meet them better than any other medium, whether it’s generating quality leads, increasing conversions, driving traffic to your website or boosting sales.

Video works because it says more in less space.  It works because it’s more engaging.  Most important, video works better than other medium because video creates a powerful emotional connection with its viewers—and that’s important.

Why’d You Buy That Car?

People might justify their purchases based on logic, but they make those purchases based on emotion.  If you see a sleek new convertible in your neighbor’s driveway, he’ll probably tell you about the great mileage it gets, or its safety features—but you know he bought it because of how it makes him feel, and maybe even because of how it makes you feel (envious).

So, Where’s the Proof?

The evidence that video works better than other media is in virtually every major study of the past decade.  Here’s just a small sampling of what some of those studies have found:

  • Including an embedded video in your emails will boost click-through rates by 200-300%
  • When landing pages include videos, they get 80% higher conversion rates
  • A video in a full-page ad increases customer engagement by more than 20%
  • Consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product or service if the ad includes a video
  • When real estate companies include videos in their listings, they get 40% more calls

Not All Videos Are Created Equal

Those are some pretty head-turning statistics—but they reflect average performance.  Some videos have increased conversions by 500%, and some not at all.  How well a video performs, helping you meet your key marketing goals, depends on how well it does what it’s supposed to do.  Is it intended to make viewers laugh or cry, show people how to do something or polish your brand, get people to respond to a call-to-action or engender trust and credibility?  If you want to evoke tears but instead trigger giggles, for example, your video didn’t work.

Discover the 3 things every video needs to work for your business in Part II.