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Television Production vs. Other Types of Video Production

Television Production vs. Other Types of Video Production

Television Production vs. Other Types of Video ProductionTelevision production is its own genre with its own rules which are different from the rules of filmmaking, commercial production and documentary production. In a way, television production is much more varied than other types of production because you see a little bit of everything on TV. There are soap operas, reality TV shows, shows with a higher level of production (like Game of Thrones) etc.

No matter what type of television production you’re interested in, it can benefit you to work with a video production company. Here are some of the differences and similarities between TV shows and other types of video production:

Television Shows Go On Longer

Once you watch a movie, a music video or a documentary, it’s done. Sure, there might be sequels, but this is not always the case. A TV show, however, is a longer genre. It can go on for a season or several seasons. Popular TV shows have been known to go on for ten or twelve years.

It would probably benefit you to work with the same video production company throughout the duration of the show, if possible. But even if you are forced to switch production companies, work with someone professional and up-to-date so that they can take up the show where the previous production company left off.

Television Shows Are More People-Focused

When you watch a TV show, you’ll find that there’s more focus on the actors and what they’re saying. Most of the shows take place indoors. There aren’t that many panoramic shots. The camera focuses on the person’s face or body, then switches to someone else’s face or body.

In a way, this makes television production easier than filmmaking. A great variety of shots is not needed, but it’s important for the shots that are taken to be good ones. So you focus on a smaller variety of shots but focus on making them really good. This will help to make sure that your level of television production is high.

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