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Television Production Industry’s Year End Announcements Bring Opportunities

Television Production Industry’s Year End Announcements Bring OpportunitiesThe end of the year always seems to come with big announcements for television production teams. So, we were not surprised to learn about the latest acquisitions and shakeups at MGMFOX and Disney. However, we were intrigued by their details. As LA Times’ writer, Stephen Battaglio, was quick to point out in his December 14th article, FOX is currently in a unique position. And just like Battaglio, we can’t help but wonder who will fill the firm’s television production needs.

Will they just go unscripted, as some television industry pundits have suggested? Personally, we don’t know for certain what’s in FOX executives’ heads but we can guess. Reality television, like everything else, has a tendency to fall in and out of favor. New York Times’ writer, Megan Angelo, was smart enough to point that out in her November 2017 piece about one of MTV’s best known shows, The Jersey Shore. We also have to consider what journalists like Los Angeles Times’writer Robert Lloyd are also saying about the public’s perception of reality television.

Could be that television production studios in Tampa will need to step up and help fill the FOX void with fresh content? At Vistamax®, we certainly hope so. We help creatives bring a variety of unique shows to life, including The RescuersThe Average Golfer and Home Sweet Office. They’re informative, often heart-warming shows that are a lot of fun to watch. You’ll also find that our portfolio includes faith based shows, educational programming, live streamed events and so much more. So we have good reason to be excited about the television production industry’s latest announcements.

Maybe you’re excited about them too. If you are and hope to help television stations fill their voids, reach out to us now. We’ll gladly put our television production team to work helping you make 2018 the best year for entertainment yet.