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Television Production in Tampa Marches On With Everyone’s Wallets Intact

Television Production in Tampa Marches On With Everyone’s Wallets IntactTelevision production in Tampa continues despite ongoing wrangling more than 275 miles away in Tallahassee. The political brouhaha over TV production is nothing new but according to B. Bowden of the Florida Keys News, the battle may heat up again come spring. At that time, another war of words will likely take place over state sponsored funding. Until that time, we encourage everyone thinking of creating shows based in the Sunshine State to contact us.

Now we can’t wave our boom mikes and make the politicians get along but we can help aspiring sitcom producers in other ways. For instance, we could set up meetings with them and spread out our suite of very affordable services. For over 10 years, we’ve been working with television producers both within and outside of the state. During that time, they’ve gotten to see how reasonably priced television production in Tampa can be when the right decisions are made from the beginning.

Let us show you how we’ve helped notable programs achieve desired results without going over their filming or post-production budgets. Also, let us introduce you to our private cache of makeup artists, costume manufacturers and set designers as well as human or animal, on-air talent. Most are willing to work within the majority of today’s television budgets whether the shows are meant for regular broadcast, pay-for-view or premium cable.

And perhaps TV crews may save additional money by having us help create commercials for their shows’ major sponsors and pre-broadcast promos too. Speak with our team about this and we’re sure that they can put together a package deal that includes everything television shows need to be successful. To set up and appointment or ask additional questions before doing so, please contact us online today.