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Television Production in Tampa is Likely to Increase Due to New Developments

Television Production in Tampa is Likely to Increase Due to New Developments

Television Production in Tampa is Likely to Increase Due to New DevelopmentsThe world of television production is always changing and several industry players are moving right along with it. In July, Nielsen revealed its new Facebook project and AOL continued its work on If both are successful, they could provide invaluable options to Tampa’s television advertisers. Here’s why:

Nielsen’s partnership with Facebook will ultimately enable the long-standing, industry presence to learn more about people’s viewing habits than ever before. For now, their partnership will focus on tracking online viewers’ ages and genders. But that doesn’t mean that more marketing data won’t be collected by the organization further down the road.

AOL’s latest endeavor has strong marketing implications as well. It will feasibly help early adopters enjoy DRTV like return on investments and get a better handle on where to spend their precious advertising dollars. In our opinion, it will also add more appeal to the emerging programmatic advertising trend and further solidify the marriage of old media to new. The Nielsen-Facebook partnership will obvious help in that regards too.

Understandably, such developments will impact more than marketers. It could also spur an increase in Tampa video production as advertisers rush to strengthen their online presence before the new marketing tools really take hold. As we’ve pointed out in previous posts, web series are already flying out of commercial production studios. So these types of marketing opportunities are likely to elevate series release to warp speed.

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