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Television Production Company in Tampa Can Help with Fusion Focused Campaigns

Television Production Company in Tampa Can Help with Fusion Focused CampaignsHow is your Instagram marketing strategy working out? Are you utilizing their free statistics program? Good, we’ve heard it helps. Have you combined it with television production in Tampa? If not, you might want to read the latest from DigiDay blogger, Bethany Biron. HerApril 13th piece focused on how at least one company is putting the quirky, social media platform to good use. And it may be worth it to give their strategy a try.

We’ve perused the statistics and they’re promising.  A recent Internet Trends Report by KPCB points out that most people are using their mobile phones and laptops or desktop computers to access Instagram and other online content. However, online platforms still markedly lag behind television production investments. So companies like Menlooks may truly be on to something. We’ll have to wait for the published results to be sure.

And we definitely wouldn’t stop the fusion bandwagon with Instagram. Television production in Tampa could be paired with Pinterest’s cinematic pins, Facebook’s carousel ads, Twitter’s buy button and any other number of new developments. Just be mindful of the other viewing trends mentioned in the KPCB report. For example, did you know that people tend to prefer viewing content on horizontal screens over vertical ones? Or, those vertical videos on other social platforms (e.g. Snapchat) are apparently king?

Full-service companies such as ours can produce vertical as well as horizontal videos in addition to other forms of web content. We can also complete television production, animation and traditional print projects too. So that means less outsourcing and more number crunching for you. And certainly, we can incorporate Instagram photos and other stills into those television production projects too.

To learn more and start setting trends of your own, please contact us 813-907-1010. Our Vistamax® Productions team is eager to put their unique skill sets to work for you.