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Television Production Companies Can Help Clients with Geo-Filter Campaigns

Television Production Companies Can Help Clients with Geo-Filter Campaigns

Television Production Companies Can Help Clients with Geo-Filter CampaignsTelevision production companies are forever scanning the horizon to ascertain which marketing fads may turn into the next, hottest trends. In that vein, we couldn’t resist talking about geo-fencing. You may wonder, “What the heck is geo-fencing?” It’s actually a natural offshoot of a technological advancement that’s been around for some time now. Yes, we’re referring to global positioning systems.

At the end of February 2015, AdWeek ‘s Christopher Heine covered one company’s new uses of the aging technology, geo-filters. They are currently being used by restaurants, retail stores, grocers and tourism agencies in various ways but we believe that other industries will eventually jump on the geo-filter train. Why the rush to board the geo-filter train?

For one, they’re compatible with popular, social media platforms and can easily personalize a number of visual mediums (e.g. web videos). So in essence, they’re increasing awareness and helping turn casual users into brand advocate proxies. Plus, a trail of case studies shows that they’ve been used successfully by some of the business sectors we’ve mentioned since at least 2014.

How might the geo-filters effect television production companies? For starters, clients will need to produce television, online and print campaigns that make customers aware of their exclusive geo-filters. In addition, geo-filters incorporated into videos or photos beyond time sensitive platforms may need to be integrated into television and live stream events. For instance, Macy’s and Target used the technology in years past across several platforms.

The publication, RetailDive, offered a look at the two retail giants’ geo-filter related campaigns back in the fall of 2015. They included videos, social media, television, radio and print commercials. Full-service, television production companies obviously played a role in many aspects of those campaigns. To learn more about how television production companies have the potential to help geo-filtering newbies, please contact Vistamax® Productions today 813-907-1010.