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Television Production Companies across America Await Rulings on Incentives

Television Production Companies across America Await Rulings on Incentives

It doesn’t matter whether you pick up an issue of Variety, The New York Times, USA Today or The Tampa Tribune, it will quickly become apparent what’s on the minds of America’s film and television production companies these days. To sum it up in two words, it’s tax incentives. Some states have already renewed their commitment to pursing filming opportunities. Others, like the Sunshine State, have yet to finalize their plans.

So how important are tax incentives anyway? It really all depends on the people involved in the conversation. According to Motion Picture Association of America’s figures, the industry, as a whole, has a history of creating more than 280,000 direct employment opportunities nationwide. They aren’t just any high paying jobs either. In order to take advantage of the tax credits, many of those employment opportunities must go to local talent. That, in turn, helps to keep the state’s economy growing.

Of course there are indirect implications to consider as well. People in town for filming purposes also infuse money into the local economy too. After all, they need somewhere to eat, sleep and enjoy themselves during the film or television production period don’t they?

At this point, you may be wondering how Florida’s tax incentives standup in comparison to other states. That answer actually depends on whether or not our state’s politicians opt to pass a new funding bill currently making the rounds. If the bill does pass, our state would be in a position to collectively award television production companies a cool $50 million.

Other states, like New York and California, have coffers that exceed that. However, they don’t have all of the other advantages that may be gained by filming in and around cities like Tampa. A few benefits that immediately come to our mind are access to our production services, unspoiled scenery and southern hospitality. To learn more about why Tampa is the place to film television shows and films in the months ahead, please contact us at Vistamax Productions.