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Television Production: Change is Good, Especially for Tampa’s Filming Industry

Television Production: Change is Good, Especially for Tampa’s Filming IndustryIt’s by no means a perennial favorite but the topic of tax credits continues to come up in conversations about television production. Case in point, Variety, the Miami HeraldBloomberg BNA, Governing and US News & World Report all covered the topic this summer with gusto. Why the sudden increase in a topic that’s been around since the 1990s? Quite simply, it’s Florida’s change in stance on the subject.

As many of our blog’s followers already know, the state of television production credits in our home state has been in flux for some time now. We’ve talked about it before as state and local lawmakers vacillated on the topic. Now, thankfully, that the vacillation has ended, at least on a local level. And subsequently, credits are once again part of our state’s television production landscape.

Being located in Tampa helps make our television production studio a logical choice for creatives hoping to take advantage of this change in stance. Why choose our beloved Tampa over Florida’s other television production regions? Simply put, our friends at the Tampa Hillsborough Film and Digital Media Commission are among those spearheading fresh incentive programs. Accordingly, there are terrific deals to be had for those quick enough to act on them.

At Vistamax Productions, we pride ourselves on working with the commission and other members of the television industry operating within Hillsborough County. So our clients can count on us to have the most current tax credit information on hand as well as the kind of knowledge only gleaned from years of working in Tampa. And yes, that includes were to find the best extras, filming locations and the like.

Our suite of full service offerings makes taking advantage of Hillsborough’s film friendly environment easy. Just ask our extensive list of longtime clients about that and we’re sure they’ll heartily agree. To speak with them and learn more about Tampa’s changing climate, please contact our television production experts today.