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Television Advertising That Sets Your Company Apart

Television Advertising That Sets Your Company Apart

On July 1, 1941, the very first television commercial was aired before a Dodgers and Phillies baseball game.  The company was Bulova, a watchmaker.  The company paid nine dollars for the ten second spot.  This company started what we know today as one of the most effective ways to get a company’s message to the masses.

Of course, television advertising has only grown in the years since that fateful first TV ad.  With advancements in technology along with more research into the best ways to reach a target audience, almost every company in the United States has found television commercials to be one of the best forms of advertising.  Even though the Internet and DVR have threatened to knock TV advertising from its throne, this still seems to be the most effective way to advertise.  In fact, many commercials (when they’re done the right way, of course) end up making great use of the Internet and DVR.

How many times have you looked up a great commercial on YouTube and posted it for your social networking friends to see? You’ve probably also been guilty of using the “pause” button for your DVR so you can call into the next room, “Hey! Come in here! You’ve got to see this commercial!”

Those are the types of commercials we produce for our customers.  At Vistamax, we strive to only provide you with the best finished product.  We are dedicated to conveying your company’s message with authenticity.  That’s what sets us apart from other television advertising companies; and that’s what will set your commerical apart from all of the other commercials people see on TV.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next commercial you couldn’t wait to share on social media was your own?  We use the most advanced technology and a big dose of creativity to bring your vision to life.

Don’t wait!  To get started on your next television commercial, contact us today!