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Television Advertising: Old School or New, We’ll Help You Effectively Plug In

Television Advertising: Old School or New, We’ll Help You Effectively Plug InHave you bought into the whole YouTube TV mantra yet? If certain pundits are right, it may be just one more, great way to supplement traditional advertising campaigns. The pay-per-view, subscription option almost appeared in tandem with Google and Amazon’s big announcements.

Of course those developments could also change the way firms handle their television advertising. As such, it would behoove many current and new Vistamax® clients to become familiar with them sooner, rather than later. Rest assured, we can help Florida-based and out-of-area firms with that familiarization process on several fronts. Here’s a quick look at why we’re the best team for the job:

We excel at producing technologically advanced commercials that work across all known digital media channels. Plus, we’re familiar with old school advertising methods too. So we can help new as well as existing Vistamax® clients make waves in the advertising arenas of their choice. And yes that includes late night infomercials which many pundits say are likely to crop up online with more urgency in the months ahead.

Our team also has the capability to make reality television. Although not considered television advertising, such programming does offer opportunities for ad placement and celebrity endorsement too. For example, imagine an environmentally sensitive, pest control company creating a reality show based on their house or business calls. The show could indirectly promote the firm’s services while giving the suppliers they work with a chance to have their product names mentioned or used as part of a sponsorship.

In addition to television advertising and reality tv show assistance, our team can also help with still photography, documentaries, live event broadcasting, animation and graphic design filled, marketing strategies. To learn more about these digitally advanced services and more, please reach out to a member of our Vistamax® production team today.